Смотреть Lego Hero Factory 2011 review: NITROBLAST hero factory smotret лего фабрика героев видео лего хиро фактори 2011

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Brought to you by http://www.legoJANG.com/I do LEGO System and Hero Factory set builds, reviews, and MOCs, and more! Subscribe to receive updates as soon as they come out!----------------------------------------­-------------DON'T 'FIRST!'Comments such as "first" and "under 300 views" are deleted on sight. The entire world deeply despises these useless spammy comments!----------------------------------------­-------------Responses to Frequently Asked Questions:Q: What's the price of & where can I buy it?A: Visit Google.com -- search for the product by name and view the online store results to quickly & easily see the current price range & availability. Alternately, check your nearest store that sells LEGO sets & toys.Q: If I post the same comment on *every* video, ask people to "thumbs up" my comment for you to see, or TYPE IN ALL CAPS LIKE I'M SCREAMING, will you respond?A: Absolutely not. Please don't do any of that. Ever.Q: What does MOC stand for?A: My Own Creation. It means anything custom-made, not following any official LEGO instructions.Q: Will you make a how-to or instructions for a MOC?A: No. It's an extremely time-consuming process, and I simiply do not have the time. However, I generally show enough detail in my videos to let anyone who uses the Pause button to fully recreate any MOC I make.Q: Will you sell/give me your ?A: No. Sorry.Q: How do you get your money to buy LEGO stuff?A: I am an adult who works. Hard. Really hard.Q: What YouTube comments do you delete?A: Just stuff that truly shouldn't exist in the first place, like spam, personal attacks, racism, homophobic comments, drug references, excessive ugly language (kids watch these videos), extraordinary annoyance (e.g., a letter repeated 500 times), and outright trolling (including Bionicle vs. Hero Factory vs. System flaming).Q: Why don't you show your FACE in your videos?A: I show my FACE in tons of videos on several of my websites and video channels. This channel isn't about my FACE. It's about LEGO. So I show LEGO.Q: What cameras do you use?A: I don't share this as I don't want viewers to think they must use exactly what I use in order to get make good videos. Check some of the video & camera review sites out there as well as sample videos on YouTube to help you pick a good camcorder within a reasonable budget.Q: I personally don't like what this video was about. Why did you post it?A: Why did you watch the video in the first place, when the title clearly says what it's about? :)

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